Friday, 15 February 2013


The Vancouver Courier's Mike Howell, reports the Mayor's explanation for ruling Councilor Carr's motion out of order. It is, "Because he can."  Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac but that is not the point.  The important point is that he was forced to deal with it. Instead of hiding behind the Manager's skirts he announced that he, like a grown-up, was ruling it out of order because:

  • "It is not compatible with the purposes and objects of the Vancouver Charter and the good rule of government at the city,” 
  • The park board is currently involved in confidential negotiations with community associations regarding the new operating model for community centres.
  •  It is not appropriate for city council to involve itself in the park board’s affairs by discussing and examining a particular aspect of the plan. The park board has the clear jurisdiction to work with the community associations on these issues.
Now everything is illuminated!

What was this risky, subversive motion of the lone Green Party member of the Greenest, most politically correct City in the Milky Way?

Carr's motion was merely to ask how much certain decisions to change Community Centre Associations would cost the City. This information  is presumably  available to the public if they care to go through past budgets. 

Councilor Carr thought it would be a good idea for Council to know in advance how much something would cost since the City would be on the hook.

In what parallel universe can that possibly be incompatible with good government?

How can the Parks Board be said to be involved in confidential negotiations when the topic has been exposed to heated, prime time public discussion.

Only when VISION has its hands in the taxpayers pockets can it be "inappropriate"  to find out how much something will cost the City of Vancouver. 

The Parks Board and the City have a concurrent jurisdiction. The Parks Board chooses the Program and Council decides whether they will pay for them.

As Casey Stengel said, " Only half the lies they tell about the New York Yankees are true.

Ditto for the rumours about  our Mayor and Council.

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