Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Two years ago Vancouver Councilor Geoff Meggs was injured after being hit by a car while riding his bike on Angus Drive near 51st Avenue. Shortly afterwards a traffic diverter was put up on 41st to prevent turns north onto Angus Drive.  This caused traffic to be shunted on to Marguerite.  The increase on Marguerite north of 41st was immediately apparent.  The problem is that Marguerite is narrower than Angus. 

One of the resident’s cars was sideswiped a couple of times.  He blamed the increased traffic volume and emailed City Hall to complain.  In reply the City advised that it had already studied the traffic pattern and determined that there was no increase in traffic on Marguerite where he lived near 33rd.

He showed the email to  his neighbors.  They were incensed.  It was apparent to everyone that traffic had changed overnight when the barrier on Angus was installed.  One neighbor emailed the author of the letter and said that he wanted to see the traffic survey.

He was told that --- well, er umm  actually, they had never done a study of their area but they had done studies of  other areas.  To be polite the first letter was- well you know - a lie.

The City produces studies on everything.  They used to have some credibility.  Not anymore.   Why should they study?  These people do not learn. They know. 
The Courier today quotes Councilor Heather  Deal explaining while motorcycles should not be given a bigger parking discount than cars since they occupy less space:

We did that because we were dealing with a spectrum of different kinds of vehicles that come downtown to use space. While motorcycles take up less space than a car they are still a carbon fuel using vehicles.”

She went on to explain that the City is aiming to have as little gasoline powered transportation downtown as possible.  

How bright is that.   They are doing all of this at a time when a shift is happening to micro cars and  electric vehicles.  It's not as though they are providing a differential rate based on CO2 emissions. It is all blindly stupid and doctrinaire. These people will kill the downtown.  The fact that Sears is closing is symptomatic of a critical problem. These guys will deal with it by making something up.

One could conclude that their real motive is to drive shoppers to  Bellingham.


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  2. Great piece, Jonathan. This "making up" stuff is prevalent through much of City Hall these days especailly in the Transportation Dept, Planning Dept and some select Councillors!

    I think they call it "Spin", after all that is much nicer than "Lying"!